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Just Like Me is a creative cultural development hub transforming our understanding of community working for performance and creative artists. 

The communities truly define what their creative/culture hub provides a range of services from community vocal Workshops to Artist Services, Publishing, Music Distribution, Performances to supporting creative entrepreneurship.

 Our team of professionals are experts in executing projects. We’re fueled by the success of our clients and provide the personalized attention and training they need to start their creative goals.


Just Like Me CIC's mission is to improve the creative thinking outlet for BME young people and artists regardless of their economic position.  Providing creative opportunities, progression, and development, with peers that share a common goal.  We provide a safe space to enhance mental and physical health in a safe and friendly environment.  


Our aim is to build confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, and leadership skills.

we provide a range of training, mentoring, and professional dance and singing projects to develop creative talent.  For the more experienced artist, we provide opportunities for work via our working relationship with Virtue Music Media, to build confidence in a working environment and find routes into employment in music or performing arts.


We also offer artist management, workshops, production and artist development.













The Founder Jasmine Pollard-Romain boasts plenty of experience on both sides of the music industry’s bargaining table – a fact that has afforded her a unique perspective on the business. Now, with her CIC Just Like Me, she’s putting that perspective to work for artists, devising custom-tailored solutions to help propel their careers forward.


Jasmine also currently serves as Manager of Virtue Music Medi (Music Management and Booking Service) and previously Major labels. That high-profile position found her doing marketing for a roster of artists.   


In the world of technology and social media “Dealing with artists who have to learn about marketing and doing everything for yourself.” We are here to provide some guidance.


It’s the disparity between those two extremes – that inspired her to launch Just Like Me and help independent artists, and creative young talents e.g.  Dance Choreographers, access services typically offered by a record label without having to forfeit all of their revenue. Contact for more information.


Just Like Me lists of services includes Project Management, Social Media Digital Marketing and beyond. We also help to connect clients with trusted freelancers for services such as production, photography, web development, and more.


“In today’s music business, you don’t need a label to do well,” Lisa says – and she should know. “With the right kind of development, promotion, and advertising, a career in music or creative arts is more accessible now than it’s ever been, and we want to empower artists to pursue their passion and keep their focus on making great art.” Especially in their community.